Monday, January 01, 2007

The Blues

6" x 6" in oil. I got these for Christmas several years back when I thought I wanted to learn to play. Heh.


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Wow fantastic again. Happy New Year Johnnie!

Johnnie Scoutten said...

Andrea - thanks so much.

suzanne cabrera said...

The blue background and its almost velvety textures really plays (ha) well next to the harmonica(s?) Is that a second harmonica underneath or another type of instrument?

Can you please tell a little about how you work with areas in which there is a strong light reflection? For instance, do you normally mix particular colors? Do you paint this first? last?

If these are secrets you don't want to give away, I understand. However, this is something I completely don't know how to even begin to do.

Johnnie Scoutten said...

Suzanne - thanks! Yes, that is a second and different type of harmonica behind the first.

Well let's see. It's not always the same, but I'll explain what I can.

I finally learned, in oils but not true for pastels, to paint the background first, up to the edges of where the subject will be. Lately I have been painting on black or brown gessoed surfaces. I see contrast better when I pull values out of the dark color, rather than adding paint to a white surface.

Often I lay in medium tones first and then add darker and finally the lightest values. The hottest highlights go on last.

I mix colors as I go along just combining what looks right and never enough of any color, I must say.

The shiner the object is, the harder the edges of the highlights and colors. Although there may be soft gradations in some areas.

The next painting I will post is an old brushed aluminum coffee pot so the highlights are softer. That will help for a comparison.

I hope this helps some and thanks for asking. I'm sure there are a million ways to do it.

suzanne cabrera said...

Thanks so much for answering my question. I find your technique very interesting...and would never have thought about working from a black or brown surface...but it really makes sense! You must get a feeling of delight when it is time to add the hottest highlights as this is really what makes your paintings pop!

Kerstin Klein said...

another great one!

Anonymous said...

I love this, Johnnie. Love it. Love it love it love it love it LOVE it. I don't think I've seen your oils before but they are terrific.

Makes me want to pick up the harp again! I used to play ... a little.

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